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Intelligent Brick

A puzzle game support for brain training, very interesting and suitable for all ages.
Join game to know your limits ability.
Filling all cells in the grid by arranging these cubes.


How to play:
Drag and drop the color blocks into the grid.
Filling all empty cells in the grid to winning
Choosing to burn lights icon at the corner of the screen if you can not sort properly. You can use this function every 5 minutes per times.
There are many levels to choose from, which is completely free. Select the easy mode if you are a newbie, select other modes if you want to challenge with more difficult levels.
Beautiful pictures, sounds fun.
Support for 90% types of mobile phones, tablet running the operating system Android.
If you have any comments or suggestions to help complete the game, please comment below or contact us at email: huesoftmobi@gmail.com.
Look forward to your contributions to game improvement.



Công ty cổ phần Phần mềm và Thương mại điện tử Huế
Địa chỉ: 06 Lê Lợi, thành phố Huế
Điện thoại: (84-234) 3822725
Email: contact@huesoft.com.vn

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