Web Development

At Huesoft, web development forms a cornerstone of our business technology practice. We use technologies like .Net, CakePHP, Zend, WordPress, Drupal, Hadoop, Magento, Hybris, WooCommerce to build scalable, enterprise-grade software that stands up to rigorous use across a variety of verticals. Our expert team of Website Developers use cutting edge technology & best practices to create custom sites that increase user engagement.


The value of the website designed by Huesoft

  • Display works well on all screen sizes and devices with responsive web design
  • Having scientific structure and logical layout
  • Interface design is unique and user-friendly
  • Having the ability to integrate with other systems
  • Being compatible with different web browsers
  • Information Management on the website does not require high-level skills in IT
  • Website operates stability with high security
  • Cost and quality are competitive
  • Extra services


Technology used

We always research and apply latest technology-related products and services by diversifying products and services to meet different customer needs. The following technologies are currently used in projects:

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Languages: C#, PHP
  • Technologies: ASP.Net, CakePHP, Zend, WordPress, Drupal, Hadoop, Magento, Hybris, WooCommerce.
  • UI Layer: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, YUI, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, Backbone.js, Flex, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Application Server: Node.js, IIS Web Server; Apache Web Server
  • Databases: MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, SQLite

Customer care policy

Huesoft has many preferential policies for customers, especially with many free customer care policies related to website.

  • o  Absolutely free
    • Consultant in analyzing and choosing the suitable website package that match your objectives
    • Consultant in extending web application to meet the user’s needs.
    • Improve your website’s ranking on Google’s search engine
    • Statistic on website traffic, measure website performance
  • o  Limited free
    • Editing, processing and updating content and images for articles
    • Supporting to install and operate the website on the first stage
    • Training techniques and skills to operate the website
    • Supporting to fix technical problems arising during the period of website maintenance and operations
Huesoft is trusted by national companies. We have had the privilege of working with some of the big names in business as well as many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies.